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Omicron Class Probate Photos!

Finally, on November 16th 2012 Delta Chi Psi was able to introduce our Omicron Class to the public through a ceremony known as Probate. Probate is a ceremony where newly initiated members of an organization are officially introduced to the Greek and public communities. From that point on, those newly introduced members are officially known as brothers or sisters of their respective organization. We are so proud of our Omicron Class and we know that the passion and dedication they poured into solidifying and perfecting their probate ceremony will immediately translate to their work ethic for the fraternity. Congratulations Omicron Class you are now and forever will be proud brothers of Delta Chi Psi Fraternity Inc.

Omicron Class

Fall 2012

#74: David “Vendetta” Vo

#75: Anthony “Kryptonite” Ho

#76: Dennis “Messiah” Chong

#77: Daniel “Claymore” Doan

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