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Delta Week 2013!

Hello Everyone!!

We are proud to hold our second ever Delta Week! Delta Week is a 5 day duration where we hold activities, various workshop, games, raffles and canning with one goal in mind: Spreading the awareness of Anti-Bullying to not only students on campus, but a city wide scale. Anti-Bullying is made to be our sole philanthropy because we as an organization deeply condemn bullying, meaningless terror upon the innocents, and to those that cause physical and mental suffering to people that meant no harm; to students that want to learn and yearn to have a better life. In this event, Delta Chi Psi fraternity Inc. managed to raise over 500 dollars’ worth of donations which was donated to BPSOS and PACER. Below are some pictures of the events we had throughout the week! Congratulations to Nancy Dinh for winning the grand prize Ipad Mini and to Axes for taking home the 32 inch 1080p LG LED TV!!

Monday – Free hugs!

Tuesday – The Bully Project

Wednesday – Can Shake!

Thursday – Self Defense 101

Firday – Raffle Night!

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And this concludes Delta Week of 2013! My heart goes out to those that had came to show support. Even though the depths of my appreciation can’t compare to the victims of bullying, we hope that our message was well stressed during this 5 day duration. Also, let this message be the spark of something new, of a change in heart, the faith and hope that if us, a community as a whole will unite and create change. Even if this is a stepping stone, let it be the first stepping stone, a stone forward to something greater, for the greater good for the generations to come.

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