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Spring 2014 Officer Positions Announced!


President – Tony “Kryptonite” Ho
External President – Stephen “Riddler” Nguyen
Internal President – “E.T.H.O.S.”
Secretary – Abdorhman “Rorschach” Thi
Treasurer – Alexander “Orion” Tran


Brotherhood – Thang “Prime” Van
Fundraising – Anthony “Genesis” Liang
Academic – Chris “Aegis” Yang
Social – Alexander “Orion” Tran
Community Service – Brandon “KOIOS” Mark
Historian – Kevin “Rukus” Ly
Webmaster – Alexander “Orion” Tran
Rush Chair – Daniel “Claymore” Doan
Step Master- Dicchyant “Gorakshanath” Gurung
Stroll Master – Abdhorman “Rorschach” Thi

For contact info: Spring 2014 Chapter Officers

Delta Chi Psi presents the New Chair Positions for Fall 2012!

We would like to announce the new positions for Fall 2012! Congratulations to Brother Onslaught for claiming the presidency! The brotherhood wishes you the best towards a new and exciting semester!

President: Timmy ‘Onslaught’ Tran

Internal Vice-President: Mike “Kamikaze” Bui

External Vice-President: Victor “Martyr” Tran

Secretary: Trong “Excalibur” Nguyen

Treasurer: Alex “Lockjaw” Taing

Social Chair: Kevin “Semtex” McGinn

Rush Chair: Tri “Anubis” Nguyen

Brotherhood Chair: Glen “Mayhem” Kim

Fundraising Chair: Tony “Sephiroth” Vo

Community Service Chair: Julian “Prophecy” La

Webmaster: Jason “X” Pan

Historian/Blog master: Stephen “Riddler” Nguyen

Academic Chair: Toan “Deadpool” Vo

Congratulation to Xi Class!

Congratulations to our new brothers of Xi Class:

#72 Toan “Deadpool” Vo

with his big bro, #46 Azam “Covenant” Elabed

Cosmic Line welcomes Brother Deadpool!

#73 Bill “Carnage” Yang

with his big bro, #61 Hyman “Virtu” Lee

Impulse Line welcomes Brother Carnage!

and Congratulations to Pledge Masters #47 Bao “Clipse” Ngo and #59 Hoang “Venom” Nguyen to you and your kids!

Make us proud, Xi Class!

Spotlight 2.0 feat. Clara C and D-Pryde!

Have a talent that you’d like to showcase to the Asian-American community? Whether it’s singing, freestyling, dancing, or whatever, Spotlight 2.0 is a great opportunity for you to get your name out!

Youtube celebrities Clara C and D-Pryde will be the featured performers on the night, with many more performances from local talents around the Philadelphia area!

Auditions for the show will be held Saturday, March 17th, and Sunday, March 18th, at the Student Activity Center on Temple University. Contact [email protected] for more information.

For more information on the event, check out the Facebook event page,

Get your tickets before they’re sold out! We’ll see you March 29th!

Rush Spring ’12 has officially ended!

Thanks to all who came out this semester for rush!

It was a great opportunity to meet new faces, build better relationships, and to have fun.

If you couldn’t make it out this time, we hope to see you next semester.

Stay tuned for our Xi class crossing this semester!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

We, the brothers of Delta Chi Psi Fraternity, Inc. wishes everyone a happy and safe holidays with your loved ones!

Delta Chi Psi Spring 2012 Positions!

We would like to announce the new positions for Spring 2012! Congratulations for brothers Cerebral, Clipse and Virtu  in retaking their positions again!

President – Sham “Cerebral” Kaderi

Vice President of Internal Affairs – Jay “Bushido” Chen

Vice President of External Affairs – Timmy “OnSlaught” Tran

Secretary – Julian “Prophecy” La

Treasurer – Jason “X” Pan

Academic Chair – Alex “G.H.O.S.T.” Choi

Community Service Chair – Kevin “Semtex” McGinn

Fundraising Chair – Shine “Cypher” Wang

Rush Chair – Bao “Clipse” Ngo

Rush Chair Committee – Trong “Excaliber” Nguyen, Tri “Anubis” Nguyen,  Hyman “Virtu” Lee, Tony “Sephiroth” Vo, Victor “Martyr” Tran and Tom “Stealth” Nguyen

Brotherhood Chair – Thang “Prime” Van

Social Chair – Hyman “Virtu” Lee

Webmaster – Jason “X” Pan

Historian – Victor “Martyr” Tran

Blogmaster – Victor “Martyr” Tran

Best of Luck Gentleman of DXPsi for the upcoming semester!

Come Rush Delta Chi Psi!

Our rush video and flyer is finally up for Fall 2011!

Take a look!

||     ||     ||
\/   \/    \/

||     ||     ||
\/   \/    \/

(Make sure to watch the rush video in 1080p!)

/\    /\    /\

||     ||     ||

As stated behind our official flyer for Fall 2011, please contact our Rush Chair Bao Ngo at 267-475-9521 or at his email, [email protected] for any questions and concerns that you have regarding our rush. Props to Jason “X” Pan for the art of the flyer and Bo “Kakarot” Hu for the great rush video!

Congrats to Brother Kakarot, President of TUASA for Fall 2011!

We, the brothers of Delta Chi Psi Fraternity, Inc. would like to congratulate one of our own brother, Bo “Kakarot” Hu on recently being elected as Temple University’s Asian Student Association President from yesterday’s E-board election! He will be serving his term in the upcoming semester of Fall 2011!

Brother Kakarot, through your perseverance and leadership in the organization, rest assured that you will have the support from the brothers of Delta Chi Psi Fraternity, Inc.

New E-board/Chair Positions of Fall 2011!

Congratulations on the New Executive board and Chair positions of Fall 2011!

President – Sham “Cerebral” Kaderi

Vice President of Internal Affairs – Hoang “Venom” Nguyen

Vice President of External Affairs – Dat “Kratos” Nguyen

Secretary – Jay “Bushido” Chen

Treasurer – Jay “Bushido” Chen

Historian – Timmy “OnSlaught” Tran

Academic Chair – Julian “Prophecy” La

Community Service Chair – Jason “X” Pan

Banquet Chair – Timmy “OnSlaught” Tran and Dat “Kratos” Nguyen

Fundraising Chair – Tom “Stealth” Nguyen

Rush Chair – Bao “Clipse” Ngo

Rush Chair Committee – Hoang “Venom” Nguyen, Mikey “Catalyst” Nguyen, Jason “X” Pan, Hyman “Virtu” Lee, and Tom “Stealth” Nguyen

Brotherhood Chair – Nathan “Gladiator” Doan

Social Chair – Hyman “Virtu” Lee

Webmaster – Dat “Kratos” Nguyen

Blogmaster – Charlie “Reload” Tran

Good Luck Gentleman! Best of Luck for the upcoming semester.