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Kensington Health Sciences Academy Tour

On December 14, 2013, we took students from Kensington Health Sciences Academy on a tour of the whole Temple campus with sisters of Alpha Sigma Rho! We wanted to show them the life of a Temple Owl, and how different the transition from high school to college is. The tour was great and we were happy to know by the end of the day, some of the students were interested in coming to Temple!



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Alpha Sigma Rho Community Service Collab!

Hi Everyone!

This past weekend featured a time of fun and productivity with the sisters of Alpha Sigma Rho. On Saturday September 28th, both organizations met up at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Chinatown at 9 in the morning. This community service revolves around one agenda: cleaning up Chinatown! We began cleaning around 9:30a.m. and were done by noon time. Later in the day, we had barbecue session not only with the sisters of Alpha Sigma Rho, but also with the kids, parents and volunteers that also helped clean up chinatown. We are ever proud to present that once again our El presidente, Mike Bui was managing and working hard at the BBQ grill! During that time, we managed to have a little fun at the backyard with a game of Basketball with the sisters of Alpha Sigma Rho. Congrats to Anh Nguyen of Alpha Sigma Rho from coming out top from the game!

All in all, we are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to help the Philadelphia community and also work alongside the amazing sisters of Alpha Sigma Rho. We look forward to working with both groups in the future and encourage anyone interested in helping out to join us next time! Until then, keep checking with our blog to see upcoming events and our activity involvement throughout the semester.




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Walk a Mile in Her Shoes!

In order to raise awareness against sexual assault and the endeavors that many women encounter on a daily basis, the brothers of Delta Chi Psi and other organizations around campus have volunteered to walk a mile around campus wearing high heels!

It was a tall task, but we did it!


Senior Prom

The Brothers of Delta Chi Psi Fraternity, Inc. along with the Sisters of Delta Kappa Delta Sorority, Inc. hosted a senior prom at the Center City Senior Care Center. The theme for this year’s prom was Mardi Gras. Music was played, food was served, and with plenty of decorations, the senior citizens, along with the participating brothers and sisters, got their grove on and had a great time! It was definitely a day to remember!

(Photos credited to Tho ‘Phantom’ Nguyen of Delta Chi Psi Fraternity, Inc.)

Fresh Serve Volunteering

On Thursday, August 26th, 2010, brothers from Delta Chi Psi Fraternity Inc. participated in a neighborhood clean up hosted by Fresh Serve. Our Brothers, along with the sisters of Alpha Sigma Rho Sorority, Inc. volunteered to help clean up the local neighborhood.

(Photos credited to Maxine Lam from Alpha Sigma Rho Sorority, Inc.)

Philadelphia Cares Day!

Oct 18, 2008

The 15th annual Philadelphia Cares Day was successful as the brothers of Delta Chi Psi helped clean up Deni Playground. Starting from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. cutting weed, dusting the streets, and removing trash was all we did. Children around the area needed a better place to grow up in. Broken glasses and plastic bags weren’t the way we grew up in, then why should the next generation grow up in such a chaotic environment. The boys ended their day with pho…

Brothers Attended:

James “Titan” Au-Yeung

Andy “Blitz” Cao

Charlie “Reload” Tran

Kevin “Phalanx” Liang

Alex “Rage” Pai

Tho “Phantom” Nguyen

Daou “Recon” Hiecke

Alex “Surge” Buligon

Anson “Havok” Wong

Joe “Kento” Chen


Delta Chi Psi @ Yin (The Female Embodiment Of Balance)’s RAPE: Rape Awareness & Preventive Workshop. April 30, 2008.

Delta Chi Psi once again was on the move trying to make an impact on the community. in collaboration with Yin (The Female Embodiment Of Balance), Alpha Sigma Rho Sorority, and Beta Pi Phi with the help of Philadelphia’s Women Organized Against Rape (WOAR) put together the first annual RAPE: Rape Awareness & Preventive Workshop to commemorate National Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The workshop covered many topics including rape statistics, especially in the Asian Community, the definitions of rape, how to avoid being sexually assaulted, how to fight off an attacker, etc. Brothers Paul “Redline” Tran and Alex “Surge” Buligon in collaboration with Alpha Sigma Rho’s Vi Dan ran a workshop on how to “Walk The Walk”. A workshop on how not to be vulnerable targets to sexual assault. After this, Alex also helped run a workshop with Yin’s Chou Lee in common weapons one may use if assaulted, such as a textbook, pencils, fist etc. The day was very informative and we hope that all that attended came away with important skills that may keep our peers safe and techniques to use if the situation should ever arise.

Relay for Life 2008

A yearly event at Temple University, American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life brings many of Temple University’s Student Organizations together to raise cancer awareness, fundraise for cancer research, and take part in an all night shut in event to commemorate cancer survivors and those that have lost the battle. The night was filled with many fun events and camaraderie among different orgs here at Temple University all in the name of the fight against cancer.

Brothers Participated

1-Alex “Surge” Buligon

2-Alex “Rage” Pai

3-James “Titan” Au-Yeung

4-Tho “Phantom” Nguyen

5-Anson “Havok” Wong

6-Daou “Recon” Hiecke

7-Jin “Hawk” Lim

8-Jeff “Iceman” Pan

9-Paul “Redline Tran”

10-Andy “Blitz” Cao

11-Kevin “Phalanx” Liang

12-Joe “Kento” Chen

13-Charlie “Reload” Tran

14-Phil “Rexxar” Lee

15-Hieu “Rock” Le

16-Morris “Spark” Khamsaen

17- Xue “J-Naut” Jin

Red Cross Walk 2008 with UPENN aKDPhi

On a beautiful Spring Day the brothers were out and about with the sisters of alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority at University of Pennsylvania. Being held at Fairmount Park, the 2008 Red Cross Walk had thousands from around the city come together and raise money for disaster relief in the United States. Whether its hurricanes in Florida, tornadoes in the Midwest, forest fires in California, or any other unforeseen disaster, the Red Cross is always there to lend a helping hand. The least we can do is raise money to help in their valiant efforts and walk to honor this admirable organization.

Brothers participated:

1-Alex “Surge” Buligon

2-Kevin “Phalanx” Liang

3-James “Titan” Au-Yeung

4-Daou “Recon” Hiecke

5-Phil “Rexxar” Lee

6-Jin “Hawk” Lim

7-Hieu “Rock” Le

8-Huy “Spartan” Pham

9-Alan “Nexus” Pang

10-Xue Song “Juggernaut” Jin

11-Anson “Havok” Wong

Asian Americans United Mid-Autumn Festival

September 22, 2007 1:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M.

Delta Chi Psi had been a big part of the festival ever since the planning started in May. Surge helped plan the festival and was head of security for it. Brothers served as security guards, cleanup crew, carnival sales, and calligraphy sales. We assisted in crowd control and ensured the safety of all individuals during the festival. When the day portion was over, we took down the carnival and arts tables. At night we broke up a cat fight and made sure nothing escalated further. People had knives and guns according to the a few witnesses but we handled it professionally and efficiently. After the festival, bros cleaned up the streets and broke down the festival. Delta Chi Psi was an integral part of the festival and it would not be able to function without us.