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Spring 2014 Officer Positions Announced!


President – Tony “Kryptonite” Ho
External President – Stephen “Riddler” Nguyen
Internal President – “E.T.H.O.S.”
Secretary – Abdorhman “Rorschach” Thi
Treasurer – Alexander “Orion” Tran


Brotherhood – Thang “Prime” Van
Fundraising – Anthony “Genesis” Liang
Academic – Chris “Aegis” Yang
Social – Alexander “Orion” Tran
Community Service – Brandon “KOIOS” Mark
Historian – Kevin “Rukus” Ly
Webmaster – Alexander “Orion” Tran
Rush Chair – Daniel “Claymore” Doan
Step Master- Dicchyant “Gorakshanath” Gurung
Stroll Master – Abdhorman “Rorschach” Thi

For contact info: Spring 2014 Chapter Officers

Banquet 2013

On Saturday December 14th, 2013, Delta Chi Psi held its 9th annual banquet. Banquet is a time to reflect and celebrate all the accomplishments of the fraternity and its brothers over the past year. Thank you Dat “Kratos” Nguyen, Timmy “Onslaught” Tran, Lucky “Atlas” Lebrooy, Stephen “Riddler” Nguyen, and Thang “Prime” Van for coordinating a successful banquet and congratulations to all of the brothers who received awards for their dedication and hard work.









































DXPsi presents Nu Class in Probate!

Congrats to our ‘NU’est and largest addition to Delta Chi Psi. Announcing the 10 dignified brothers of our Fall 2011, Nu Class:

#62 Kevin ‘Semtex’ McGinn
#63 Victor ‘Martyr’ Tran
#64 Alex ‘Lockjaw’ Taing
#65 Tri ‘Anubis’ Nguyễn
#66 Thang ‘Prime’ Van
#67 Trong ‘Excalibur’ Nguyễn
#68 Stephen ‘Riddler’ Nguyễn
#69 Glen ‘Mayhem’ Kim
#70 Mike ‘Kamikaze’ Bui
#71 Tony ‘Sephiroth’ Vo

Congrats to their PE’s Derek ‘Arkham’ Ton and Michael ‘Alchemist’ Foley!

Here is their personal intros during their probate!

\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/

(If you do not see the video, refresh after a minute or less)

[Video credited to Charlie “Reload” Tran, Brother of Delta Chi Psi Fraternity Inc.]

For more videos, check out the playlist for the whole probate here!

Highlight of the month, Hyman Lee, aka Brother Virtu!

We the brothers of Delta Chi Psi, Fraternity, Inc. would like to highlight some of our brothers that is truly one of a kind. Hyman Lee, known as Brother Virtu in our fraternity, has recently crossed in Spring Semester of 2011. Hardworking and down-to-earth, Brother Virtu did not hesitate to take the opportunity given after crossing into the fraternity as Social Chair, and we are proud to say that he is doing a fantastic job. No one can ask more for what he has done already for the fraternity.

[Brother Virtu with TVA at Student Veterans Career Fair and Reception 2011]

In addition to his diligent work with Delta Chi Psi Fraternity, Inc., he has also given back Temple University an organization called Temple Veterans Association (TVA). As Co-Founder and current President of TVA, Brother Virtu helped establish Temple University’s first military veteran organization. They became a recognized organization later after their constitution was approved on February 18, 2011 and, in addition, became an official chapter of the Student Veterans of America organization. His profile on the TVA website can be found here!

[Brother Virtu lookin sharp]

But that’s not all! Temple University’s Fox School of Business has, in addition, recognized his long endeavors in Iraq and featured his accomplishments on their Temple Fox website  on the “Faces of Fox” page. After graduating from Central High School in 2004, Brother Virtu went on to finish and complete his individual training at the end of that same year. He went on to deploy for Iraq with his squad in April 2008 after acquiring his Associate’s Degree at Community College of Philadelphia. You can read more about him here!

[Brother Virtu with the happy kids in Iraq, taken on February 2009]

We applaud your outstanding accomplishments Brother Virtu! Keep up the great work!

Here is a quote that drives Brother Virtu!

“Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.” –Gordon B. Hinckley

Congrats to Our Graduating Brothers!

We, the brothers of Delta Chi Psi Fraternity, Inc.,  would like to congratulate the following brothers of Graduating Class of 2011 at Temple University! The graduation ceremonies started and ended on May 12th

Paul “Redline” Tran

Graduating from Temple University’s College of Health Professions & Social Work in concentration of Kinesiology, Brother Redline has shown great leadership and perseverance. He has made great accomplishments, leading the stroll team to win the Gamma Stroll Competition in Fall 2009 and developing the fraternity’s first probate.   Currently, he is attending University of the Science of Philadelphia to pursue his graduate degree in Physical Therapy.

Chris “Shox” Nguyen

Also graduating from Temple University’s College of Health Professions & Social Work in concentration of Kinesiology, Brother Shox has always been about brotherhood, honor, and respect. He has been a backbone for the fraternity in his will and testatment of his care for the brothers.  In addition, he took the position as Academic Chair in Fall 2008 to emphasize how important academics are in our fraternity.  In his pursuits to follow his entreprenuerial endeavors, he is currently working at Avenue Financial in Audubon, New Jersey.

Kevin “Phalanx” Liang

Also graduating from Temple University’s College of Health Professions & Social Work in concentration of Kinesiology, Brother Phalanx has given us his great wisdom and guidance as Vice President, Internal Affairs in Spring 2010. Through his hard work and undying dedication within the fraternity, Brother Phalanx has put in a great amount of  time and effort to develop the fraternity where it stands to this day.  Currently , he is pursuing the application process for graduate school in concentration of Physical Therapy.

Joe “Kento” Chen

Graduating from Temple University’s Fox School of Business in concentration of International Business and Finance with Specialized Language in Japanese, Brother Kento has always kept the fraternity’s future in mind. From running the half marathon with his pledge brother, Reload to help fundraise for the American Heart Association to returning to Temple University after studying abroad for a year at Japan to serve in his last semester as President of Delta Chi Psi.  Currently, he is looking to start his career in the U.S. before returning to Shanghai to his family.

Dat “Stark” Duong

Graduating from Temple University’s College of Engineering with cum laude in concentration of Mechanical Engineering, Brother Stark has truly shown the brotherhood about a strong work ethic. Receiving the Delta Chi Psi Academic Award in 2009 and graduating with Temple Honors, Brother Stark is recognized for his strength in academic achievement.

He is currently residing in Rhode Island attending Officer Candidate School for the next 3 months. After his training is complete, Brother Stark will be studying in Nuclear Power School In Charleston, South Carolina to become a Nuclear-trained officer of the Navy. He will serve as an active Navy Officer in the submarine after completing his training.


The proud brothers of Delta Chi Psi, Inc. have never been so proud to see the successful brothers graduating! Congratulations again and we wish you the best for your future endeavors!

Congratulations to our Brother, Stephen “Renegade” Ngo on Graduating!

On September 8th, 2010, one of our dignified brothers, Stephen “Renegade” Ngo has walked and graduated Temple University! The brothers of Delta Chi Psi are proud to see our own brother finally going off into the real world. Stephen has graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, concentration in Finance. He is currently applying for jobs and looking to start his career in the Philadelphia Region.

(Photos credited to Mary Nguyen)