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Baruch Beta Phi Sigma Hangout/AIDS Walk Philly!

This past weekend featured a glimpse of the new and a reunion with the old. On Saturday October 20th, brothers of Delta Chi Psi traveled to New York City to meet the sisters of Beta Phi Sigma Sorority Inc. of Baruch College for the first time.  New York City, with its unlimited number of places to go and things to do, was the perfect host city for both organizations to share a first encounter. Throughout the day we ate together, sang together and traveled to see the unforgettable sights and sounds of Times Square. We had an amazing time spending the day with the sisters of Beta Phi Sigma and are extremely thankful for their hospitality and care.

The following Sunday October 21, the brothers of Delta Chi Psi participated in AIDS Walk Philly. AIDS Walk Philly is a large scale event held annually in Philadelphia aimed at raising awareness and support in the fight against AIDS. Delta Chi Psi has participated in this amazing event for several years and was proud to take part in the event again. The brothers of Delta Chi Psi, however, are only a few among the thousands who came to walk and run to support AIDS Walk Philly. People of all ages, races, classes and places came together in order to help support the fight against AIDS and raise awareness to the greater community. The walk spans over a path/road stretching approximately 8 miles. Although most people would never imagine walking 8 miles at a single time, so many people were there walking, talking and having a great time with each other and interacting with the many others who were walking beside them. AIDS Walk Philly is a fantastic event aimed at raising awareness for a growing problem faced by the global populace. The brothers of Delta Chi Psi are proud to be a part of this event and will most definitely be returning next year and in future years!

Check out these pictures from both events and have an amazing day! Thanks for your time.

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